Tasting Notes

2013 Chardonnay

Unwooded and displaying good varietal characters complimented with a clean dry finish. A wonderful wine to enjoy with friends and family “al fresco” with white meats and salads.

2013 Verdelho

This wine shows good varietal aromas of tropical fruit with a crisp and refreshing palate. It is a perfect accompaniment to seafood and chicken dishes or may be enjoyed as a pre-dinner drink.

2013 Late Harvest Verdelho

A fruity mouth filling style with a delicious sweeter finish. This wine was made from fruit that was harvested later in the vintage. The fermentation was arrested to preserve the fruit sweetness providing a luscious middle palate.

2013 Cabernet Rosé

Good Cabernet flavours, beautiful bright colour with a refreshing dry finish. “Sunday afternoon deck chair wine” that compliments salads, fish, most Asian foods and good company.

Velvet Cabernet

A soft, easy drinking Cabernet Sauvignon. Goes well with Asian food or chilled as a refreshing drink. This is a drink-now wine not intended for extended cellaring.

Sparkling Shiraz

A sparkling deep rich crimson wine with fresh fruit aromas complemented by subtle American oak characters. The palate is full flavoured with a fine balance of tannin and acid giving a crisp dry finish.

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon

A classic Callatoota Cabernet with integrated fruit flavours and subtle oak complexity. Enjoy with red meat dishes and bread and cheese with friends. This wine will develop further complexity with careful cellaring.

2011 Shiraz

A fruit driven style with a spicy palate and a lingering subtle oak finish. Good length of palate, this wine will benefit from further cellaring.

White Port

This wine is a fortified Verdelho. When served chilled it makes a wonderful, palate cleansing pre-dinner drink. Poured over ice it is a great accompaniment to most social occasions.

Old Tawny Port

A rich, smooth, Tawny Port showing the benefit of long maturation in American oak casks. It has a deeper colour than most ports of this style and the complex palate of a well aged port with good balance of flavour, sweetness and spirit. Goes well with fruit cake!